Harnessing and transporting energy in whatever form will have an environmental impact, so the lower the energy use, the better. We should consider options to drastically reduce the energy needs, and debate what kind of energy systems would be most efficient and have the lowest environmental impact. This topic is closely linked with other topics (transportation, manufacturing, built environment, etc). Within this page, we look at how energy can be best harnessed and transported and in the other sections we focus on how energy use can be minimized.

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We are looking for ideas and resources in the field of Energy that may enable a city to adhere to the Triple 95 rule. Please help out!

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Advancing urban metabolism studies through GIS data: Resource flows, open space networks, and vulnerable communities in Mexico City
Journal Article | Journal of Industrial Ecology
Daniel Otero Peña. Daniela Perrotti. Eugene Mohareb.


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